Postdoc à Cracovie

A 2 year postdoc position is open in the dynamical system group at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków with Adam Kanigowski and Dominik Kwietniak. See here for more information.

ICTP and the Lahore University of Management Sciences are offering 5 postdoc positions for international students, especially from Asia and Africa. More information.

A postdoctoral position in memoriam Marco Brunella starting next fall 2023 is being offered at the Institut Mathématique de Bourgogne (Dijon, France). These are designed to support researchers in the themes of Marco Brunella (mostly Dynamical Systems and Foliations, Algebraic geometry, Analytic geometry).

Announcements and more information:

Applications before March 17,  results before May 12, 2023.

Une nouvelle bande dessinée

Ma fille, Clémentine Buzzi, vient de publier une nouvelle bande dessinée Le rire et le silence. Elle la présente à travers cette courte interview disponible ici. La BD peut s’acheter ici: association.beherit@gmail.com.

Nalinia Anantharaman était l’invitée de 9h10 ce matin.

La SMF est partout!

Nalini Anantharaman a donné sa leçon inaugurale suite à sa nomination à la chaire de géométrie spectrale du collège de France. La vidéo de cette introduction destiné à un public scientifique non spécialiste est disponible ici.

L’inscription à l’édition 2022 de cette conférence (Orsay, 23-25 novembre) du GDR Platon est désormais ouverte. Plus d’informations sur le site de la conférence.

I will give a talk on my joint result with Sylvain Crovisier and Omri Sarig about Viana’s conjecture for smooth surface diffeomorphisms. In this work we deduce the conjecture by using the techniques of our paper on the continuity properties of Lyapunov exponents. This was prompted by David Burguet preprints.

The conference is scheduled August 26-30th, will include 26 talks on dynamics systems and especially smooth ergodic theory. The announcement is here.

Our work (with Sylvain Crovisier and Omri Sarig) on the continuity property of Lyapunov exponents of surface diffeomorphisms has now been published online at Inventiones: along sequences of ergodic probability measures that converge weak-* and in entropy to a limiting measure, the exponents also converge.

This has nice consequences for Sinai-Ruelle-Bowen measures (see especially this latter work). It will lead to stronger ergodic properties for the measures of maximal entropy through a new notion of Strongly Positive Recurrent diffeomorphisms (work in progress, also with S. Crovisier and O. Sarig).